Making Money by
breaking ALL the Forex Trading rules
When I started my trading profession I attended a 3 day forex trading course which gave me a mere introduction to this great and fascinating money making motion. I was given a few good advices at some stage in this course but I have found that there are more many more ways to skin a cat than sticking to hard a fast Forex trading rules. If all traders are sticking these universal trading beliefs one has to ask the question why do so many brush off? One of the more Golden rules of Forex trading I was really told is Never, but never, trade exclusive of a stoploss. I took this decree very much to heart and started trading with stops. Resembling most beginners my stops were way terrifically tight and small and I got stopped out time and time besides. As I gained experience and started trading the more desirable price waves I started trading bigger stops. I very soon realized that the superior your stop the higher your achievement rate. However I again soon found out that the gains made on nine successful transactions when using big stops can correct quickly be wiped out by one or two big losses. So I went through a very frustrating time when my stops were too minuscule for my good transactions ( the stops were hit and then my targets soon after ) and way radically big for my bad transactions ( allowing big stops when the direction was totally wrong ). You soon initiate thinking that brokers are there just to chase your stops. This is always an controversial subject for debate amongst forex traders. One day I was started thinking the impossible. Why not trade exclusive of a stoploss at all? Is it feasible to make money by trading with no stoploss orders? I m okay about developing a manner to do just that. It took a few years of experimenting, but I just now have a favoring no stop forex trading mode. I can ' t tell you the backing of not caring which way the price moves ( as high as it moves ). Aye, it is likely to cash on any move in the market. For more information, which is freely available, on this great technique why not Google stop forex trading or visit informative sites relating www. expert - 4x. com or www. forextradersupportservices. com Other rules that were practicable breaking in the course of adding to this technique were: charter your profits run and cut your losses or always trade in the direction of the main trend. These will be subjects of expectations articles which will give more information on the improvement of the No Stop unique forex trading system.